The Digital Media Industry Today

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The Digital Media Industry Today

Here’s what I know about the “industry”, such that it is….

I grew up with the internet and I saw early on how it was going to change the world. I was fascinated by it and tried to learn as much as I could about it before it was cool. Myself and all the other nerds knew it was gonna be a big deal eventually, but we also knew that for awhile, it would be an intellectual playground for us to hone new skills that we were only subconsciously aware would one day be valuable.

Fast-forward more than 20 years later and while the speed of technology’s advances cannot be matched by any one individual, I’ve still remained more or less on the bleeding edge of understanding how far we have come and where we’re going next.

Practically speaking, I mean my background is really rather unique and it’s taken me awhile to realize it. While it’s relatively easy to find a whiz-kid fresh out of high school who knows more about the modern internet than I do, you’re not likely to find one that has my life experience and foundational knowledge of its inception. I feel like this makes me a little more relatable to potential “clients” in small business because I am equipped with a broader capacity to actually understand their perspective.

The value of understanding the end-goal of what your work is doing should not be underestimated. There are so many layers of employment today that keep millions of people busy all day doing things that do not directly affect anyone else at all. Incumbents of those roles don’t like to hear that—they want to believe that their work is valuable and that sending that one email or photocopying those meeting minutes is good honest work, but it actually has very little impact on the real world.

And that’s ok! I don’t really think that people should have to work that hard. As a human civilization, we’ve crafted an amazingly advanced society of people with systems of employment that have always sought to make life easier, and technology has played no small role in that. Throughout the entire course of human history, the purpose of advancing technology has been to make hard work easier—from the invention of the wheel to accessing the internet on your phone—it’s all about making things that are hard a little bit easier.

And so I have no gripe about the fact that there are millions of people who have easier jobs than I do, or that hundreds of thousands of them have never really had to work a real job in their life and are objectively wealthier than I will ever be. Sure, I’m envious—who wants to work? Only those who “love their jobs”, but the world doesn’t really run on jobs that are especially lovable, despite our subtle and admirable efforts as a civilization to try and make even the most horrendous necessary work seem palatable.

Anyway, I guess I’m running out of space, but the point is, I’m the guy that can use technology to make things easier. So, uh, check out Copperberry for basically whatever you want if it plugs into the wall. =)

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